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Particpatory art-activist movement, 2022

A plastic bottle with red, starburst-shaped sticker on its front that reads: 'This plastic will exist for at least 450 YRS. We need better options! #450yrs. In the background is a blurry green field.
Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

450YRS is social pressure campaign that allows participants to nip at corporations for not providing better packaging options

Close-up photograph of a blue plastic bottle, shaped like a liquid soap container. On the front of the bottle is a magenta, sunburst-shaped sticker that says, 'This plastic will exist for at least 450 YRS. We need better options! #450yrs.'
A 450YRS sticker applied to a single-use plastic bottle

Artist Statement Written 9/8/22

Corporations have put the burden of dealing with their plastic waste on us for decades.

That needs to change.

Most plastic will take at least 450 years to disintegrate, which is terrible for our health, causes thousands of animals to die needlessly, and pollutes the environment.

It’s time to hold corporations accountable.

—Eric Corriel

450YRS is the activist component of a series of projects revolving around single-use plastic waste, thus far consisting of Gyre (physical installation) and Message In A Bottle (interactive website).

Participants purchase 450YRS stickers, apply them to household items, and tag corporations on social media demanding better packaging options.

Photograph showing two 8.5 inch by 12.25 inch sticker sheets side by side with different color backgrounds. Each sheet contains 35 starburst shaped stickers that say, 'This plastic will exist for at least 450 YRS. We need better options! #450yrs'
450YRS stickers come in sheets of 35

A small portion of the project’s proceeds will be donated to Beyond Plastics, whose mission it is to end plastic pollution by using deep policy and advocacy expertise to achieve the institutional, economic, and societal change. Donations will be posted here once the project is fully underway.

Additional project information can be found at

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