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Site-specific immersive video installation, 2015

Photograph of a crucifix, hovering in mid-air and being formed soley by light. It is cloudy around the edges and there is a sharp circular focus of light in the middle from whence the light is shone.
Photo by Brett Wood

Ascension displays a three dimensional, floating-in-mid-air crucifix atop a three story staircase Shown in Queens (NY)

Ascension, shown at Radiator Gallery

Living in an urban environment it can be difficult to gauge religion’s influence on our daily lives. If anecdotal and polling evidence is to be believed, we are becoming less and less religious every day. Nevertheless, most of us were raised with religious beliefs and religion still plays a vital role in some of life’s most important events (births, weddings, funerals, etc.).

Viewer taking a selfie with Ascension; Photo by Brett Wood

In a culture of supposedly decreasing religious influence, can we still have a traditional religious experience without being religious?

Photograph; it is extremely dark, on the right is an inkling of an illumined handrail indicating a staircase. In the middle is a floating, cloudy, illuminated crucifix in three dimensions; towards the bottom right, if one squints, one can make out a viewer in the darkness looking up at the ghostly crucifix
Photo by Brett Wood

Ascension attempts to provide an experiential framework in which to explore this question. It was created using custom software built in Processing and runs on loop. It measures roughly 15’ long x 4’ wide x 8’ high.

Photo by Brett Wood

Ascension was first shown at Radiator Arts Gallery from September 18th to October 23rd, 2015. The accompanying audio is A Choir of Angels (Music Slowed 800%).

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