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Bicycle Race

Site-specific video installation, 2012

Nighttime photograph of three large warehouses, each with a triangular house-like top, with a large, 200+ foot projection of what looks like a series of graphically designed white sails following each other around a circular loop.
Photo courtesy of Eric Corriel Studios

Bicycle Race envisions 100 cyclists racing around an invisible track from a multitude of perspectives Shown in Red Hook, Brooklyn (NY)

This piece was created specifically for the 2012 Red Hook Crit—a fixed-gear only, nighttime, highly technical bike race that attracts high caliber talent from all over the world.

Bicycle Race was shown with projection work of two other Red Hook-based artists, Eric Ayotte and ET.PER.SE.AND, and was curated by Walker Waugh. It measures 175’ x 12’ and runs on loop. This piece was created programmatically with Processing and makes use of the OCD library, written by Kristian Linn Damkjer.

Bicycle Race is inspired by Oskar Fischinger’s experimental animation films of the 1930's—particularly Studie Nr. 6.

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