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The Over And The Under

Site-specific video installation, 2012

Nighttime photograph of two storefronts, one on each side of the frame, separated by an abandon-looking door in the middle. In the left storefront is projected an video of the surface of water, from below; reflected in the windows is a bright yellow awning of the liquor store across the street. In the right storefront is projected a violet-ish rendering of clouds as seen from above.
Photo by Keiko Niwa

The Over And The Under removes people from their terrestrial urban experience and places them at the zenith of the over and the nadir of the under; above the clouds and below the sea Shown in Harlem (NY)

The Over And The Under is about about calm, repose, reflection, and an escape from the urban and the terrestrial. It brings bright and saturated colors to an otherwise monochrome city block. As the bookends of our natural environment—clouds and sea—are smushed together, we can’t help but realize we live in between these two extremes, which in this particular case, is where the For Rent sign is...

Photo by Kiko Niwa

This piece was shown from October 11th—October 28th, 2012 at 1351 Amsterdam Avenue in Harlem, New York. It measures 35’ x 10’ and the video runs for 28’ on loop.

In coversation with NYPD
Photo by Kiko Niwa
Photo by Kiko Niwa
Photo by Kiko Niwa
Photo by Kiko Niwa

This piece was produced in partnership with Chashama and the New York Foundation for the Arts’ Curatorial Program.

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