Eric Corriel Studios

multidisciplinary art studio • immersive and interactive public art • art activism • digital/electronic art • nyc

Artist Statement(s)

Photograph a building facade at night where, projected onto its street-level windows, is a eye-level view of small ocean waves, presumably bobbing up and down. In front of the building are two parked cars.
Water Will Be Here, Photo credit: Keiko Niwa

Eric Corriel is a multidisciplinary artist whose primary interest is in bringing aesthetic experiences to the public.

As an installation artist working in the public realm, he creates site-specific video installations that allow people to feel their way through contemporary issues by transforming the urban landscape around them.

Works: Water Will Be Here, Glaciers Will Not Be There, Fire Will Be Here, Targeted, Gyre, Pool Portals, Video Salon, The Over and the Under, Light Bikes, Excite Bikes, Bicycle Race, The Watcher, Yellow Forest

tiny trump at a protest march, Photo courtesy of Eric Corriel Studios

As an activist artist, he creates products that allow individuals to express their values in publicly visible and meaningful ways. Using the levers of capitalism—mass manufacturing, supply chain administration, warehouse, and distribution logistics, inventory management—he creates cheap, accessible, and open-source products that can be produced and deployed at scale to create on the ground, grassroots activist movements that propagate themselves in the physical landscape as well as on social media.

Works: 450YRS, tiny trump

Enter the Machine 1.3: iTunes Compilations, A–E (detail), photo by Brett Wood

As an artist working in the digital realm, Eric seeks to generate new ways of seeing, conceiving, and imagining the digital by giving it form and story; thereby contributing to the lexicon we use to navigate this vast frontier.

Works: Enter The Machine 1.0, Enter The Machine 2.0, Digital Photography Series